Adult training in pedagogic, early child care for staff of kindergarten

The lack of public funding, the demographic decline, the increasing number of children with non-German background, the increase of children with physical or learning difficulties and the lack of competence of parents in education, require to educational institutions efforts of innovation, new skills and abilities. The inclusion of children, the involvement and cooperation with parents, the provision of additional training from external parties, intercultural training are some of the topics of our work in adult education. With the target group of lecturer, kindergarten manager etc. we took part in several European Projects, financed by LongLifeLearning and Erasmus plus.

The topics of our training programms are:

  • The structure of childhood education
  • Organization, funding and legislation
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Intercultural education
  • The Reggio Emilia Approach
  • The implementation of the Montessori method
  • The implementation of the Steiner (Waldorf) method
  • Psychomotricity in preschool
  • Food education
  • Furniture and equipment in kindergarten
  • participation
  • Staff initial and continuing training
  • Experts for inclusion
  • Kindergarten Management
  • Expert in psychomotricity
  • Expert in child protection

Experts for inclusion and other trainings are EU co-financed trainings from Country Labor Market Policy of North-Rhine Westfalia.






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