Foto: Jesuites Bellvitge The JoanXXIII foundation is a private organization situated in Hospitalet de LLobregat, Barcelona, active in the project coordination in cultural, child’s and adult education. It is a private institution established by the Jesuit Society of Catalonia, the mission commits the promotion of innovative education, committed and personalized, able to satisfy the demand of the environment, sticking to social promotion and quality criteria.

The activity is developed in:
Centre d’Estudis Joan XXIII, established in 1968, they provide a full and official range of preuniversity education, from nursery to vocational training. They also offer a wide range of courses for workers and unemployed people. Centre de Technologies Ituarte (CETEI) was founded in 2004 as a centre for information and communication technology. Their aim is to approximate technologies to citizenship and organizations. The SED (school enterprise department) is provided by the foundation.

-Relationship with more than 600 companies
-Coordination of practical training in company for the students of vocational training (practical trainings since 1982)
-Promoting and coordinating lifelong learning
-Advisory Board, in close relationship with the center, the companies, the government and the social agents. Fundació Joan is an organization with about 176 employees.
The Joan XXIII foundation send and receive groups in European mobility.

Their areas of work are:

- Child's education
- Obligatory education
- Formation in centers of work
- Continuous formation
- Other courses.


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