Franc Miklošič High School (GFML) / Slovenia, Ljutomer

Partner GFML Foto: GFML Franc Miklošič High School, Ljutomer (GFML)  developed in 1963 from the former grammar school. It has been educating students from Pomurje region for half a century, giving them a first background knowledge to study at universities in Slovenia and abroad. At present, there are 570 students attending this school, thought by 55 teachers. There are 3 educational programmes: Nursery nursing vocational school, general high school and theater and film high school.

Following changes in Slovenian educaion policy, GFML has always been among the first school to adapt to changes. For the last two decades, GFML has ranked among tge best schools, not only on a regional but also a national level. The choice of foreign langauges has grown with the introduction of optional school subjects, Languages learned at GFML are: Slovenian as mother language, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Croatian.

There have been constant improvements in teaching methods supported by the newest ICT. The national curriculum at GFML in enriched by numerious national and international student exchanges, enabling students to gain multicultural learning experiances. Our school participated in more than 25 different Projects, in the last 5 Years we have been participating in the following projects: Erasmus+ KA1: Using Baby sign language in Kindergarten, Erasmus K105 with Macedonia, Horizont 2020: Science for the young, ATS 2020: Formative assesment in school, U Start: Enterpreneur skills in schools, Eyes, MET, Investiga. We have a lot of experiance also within eTwinning projects and many others. Recent project is: cooperation with Kolping bildungswerk Paderborn, Germany for Erasmus+, KA1, exchange of professionals in early-childhood-education (2019/2020).

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